JB Atlantic
Investment Holding Corp.

JB Atlantic
Investment Holding Corp.


Behzad Mirarabshahi

Co-Founder, CEO | EMBA | MFin | BSc Eng. |
  • 25+ years of work experience with three multiple-discipline degrees: Master’s in Finance, MSc in Executive MBA, and BSc in Electrical Engineering
  • Vast experience as a co-founder of 7 companies and a member of the Board of Directors of 10+ companies
  • A proven track record of success in Entrepreneurship, Business Development, and Executive Director roles
  • 10+ years of collaboratively work with Governmental and Economic Development Agencies for Startup and Small Business Development as well as Population and Economic Growth
  • Expertise in export and ran business with 20+ countries, including Spain, Finland, France, South Korea, China, India, and a few more

Dr. Jamal Hematian

Co-Founder, COO | PhD | P.Eng |
Six SIGMA BB | Effective LEAN Management |
  • 40+ years of work experience with four multi-discipline degrees: PhD in Civil Engineering, MSc in Mechanical Engineering, MSc in Geotechnics & Rock Mechanics, and BSc in Mining Engineering
  • 20+ years of Canadian work experience in the Railway industry
  • 100+ patents, and 150+ technical papers and presentations. Recognized as a reference / expert in the field of Freight Railcar / Suspension design in North America
  • 10+ years of academic experience teaching in several universities in Canada, Australia, and Iran